About Us

Team SGP is a unique community of individuals who take a scientific approach to gaming. We form theories, test them, and report the results. When you get your information from the SGP, you're getting the good stuff.

The first step of the SGP process is to get the scientific gaming community together in a forum to share ideas and organize a "project". Team SGP projects are all about the community coming together to solve the mysteries of a particular game title. Envision a city block containing multiple connected buildings. We call our city block GruntsPajamas.com. This is the "home site" building, where we exhibit some of our best work and connect you to all of our resources. Another big building on this block is the SGP Forum where all the work is actually done to bring content here to the home page. A smaller little building that we own on this block is the SGP Photo Gallery. I've even heard rumors about an underground subway station. Anyhow... see those people buzzing about the buildings like busy bees... making guides, reporting information, organizing projects? That's us! Team SGP!


XBL: ColdGlider
email: coldglider@gruntspajamas.com


Doom Kid
XBL: DeciduousDoom

The Arkaeologist

Dunder Moose
XBL: Dunder Moose

Sphinx Grand Pharoah
XBL: enigmabiz2

Task Force Marty
XBL: Hoho5000

SGP Ambassador
XBL: Imppa

Fan Fiction and Coffee
XBL: Kenji Hiamato

Reach Guides
XBL: Nightcrafter27

XBL: Phantasm2008

Pulse Cloud
Quality Control Cannon
XBL: Pulse Cloud

SPAM Assassin
XBL: Scatcycle

Things With Brains
XBL: Thebraino

VsH Tepec Fett
Black Ops Leader
XBL: VsH Tepec Fett

Xbox Live Members


XBL: LordOfTheBeets

XBL: Noxser

XBL: P4nser Phr33k

XBL: PittyCity

XBL: SpecOPS1111

XBL: Twiztid42O

Web Site Credits

The SGP home site was designed by Team SGP using a free template from Free CSS Templates that we then mangled and wrangled into what you see here. Task Force Duet was responsible for getting the site into presentable shape for the 2010.09.14 release of Halo: Reach.

From Ark's Monument to Team Duet:

Enigma. Sphinx God of Purple, Lord of the Paint. His humor and creativity brought life where before there was none. His unwavering commitment and unmatched adaptability made him a true team member. Here we salute Enigma, the Spark of Team Duet.

Pulse. The Exacting One. Possessor of the Eagle Eye. In his quest for perfection, he made his teammates better. A true professional, his work set the standard for Team Duet. Here we salute Pulse, the Vision of Team Duet.

Scat. King of the Zombielites. Always there, always tinkering, always willing. At the pivotal moment, his enthusiasm buoyed the flagging spirits of Team Duet and rallied them to action. Here we salute Scat, the (Re-)Animator of Team Duet.

Night. Master of the Guides. Work Horse. His humility could not mask his intelligence. At the pivotal moment, he did not refuse but did EXACTLY what needed to be done. And then did it again. Here we salute Night, the Spirit of Team Duet.

Imppa. The Ambassador. The Imppish One. His unparalleled communication skills gave Team Duet its place in the larger world, but it was his generous nature and reliably sound judgment that were perhaps his greatest assets. Here we salute Imppa, the Heart of Team Duet.

Ark. The Lady. The Writer of Egregiously Long Posts Meriting the Comment 'TLDNR.' Maker of Sandwiches. She loved all team members for they made her smile. Here we salute Ark, Cornball of Team Duet.

ColdGlider. Mighty Founder. The Wizard Behind the Curtain. Fearless, he was a man to be followed. He led by example, sacrificing sleep and health to accomplish the task at hand. Here we salute ColdGlider, the Creator of Team Duet.

In addtion to the above, this site would not be possible without the many members who have supported us with content, camaraderie, and comedy. You know who you are!!!